New!! DOJ finds training efficiency through distance learning – a Q&A with Timothy John Carrier

The Department of Justice is responsible for enforcing the law, ensuring public safety, providing federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime and ensuring fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans. This is an extremely important and exceedingly challenging mission that requires a very large, distributed network of dedicated …


Federal grants driving investment in video collaboration among state and local agencies

State and local governments are responsible for protecting, educating and providing a host of other services to constituents. Unfortunately for many states, they often have to do all of these things with limited resources and reduced budgets.

However, federal grant programs are often available that can make it possible for …


VTC from the Reef: How Video Collaboration is Breaking Geographical Barriers

Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. It can happen anywhere, even somewhere as beautiful and exotic as the Great Barrier Reef. However, when seeking out exciting, alternative educational opportunities, educators and administrators are frequently plagued by budget constraints. Often those budget limitations can impede field trips and access to …


Extending reach and improving access to care via telemedicine – an interview with Brendan Murphy of VSGi

Telemedicine is seeing increased adoption across the healthcare industry as the regulatory environment improves, and as both healthcare providers and payers look for ways to improve the delivery and efficiency of care.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Brendan Murphy, the Commercial Sales Director at Visual Systems …