Open standards, innovative technologies make campus-wide communications upgrades viable and cost effective

Colleges, universities, government agencies and healthcare institutions with large, sprawling campuses typically have a substantial investment in traditional telephone infrastructure.  Often, the sheer scope of the deployments, reaching thousands or tens of thousands of desktops, can create a very real barrier to adopting more modern, mobile centric, collaboration technology.

Often, …


How the workplace of the future makes the government more effective and efficient

We recently concluded a series of articles on the Public Sector View that took a closer look at ways state and local governments can improve the way they operate, keep their citizens safe, educate students and provide healthcare through technology.

To provide an insider’s perspective on the ways one particular …


New!! Collaboration and Professional Excellence: Texas Distance Learning Association’s 2015 Conference

The Texas Distance Learning Association hosts an annual conference where esteemed educators and administrators come together to explore the latest trends in distance learning as well as best practices, teaching strategies and emerging technologies in distance learning. With a focus on collaboration, this year’s conference, held in Dallas, TX, delved …


CityNext: How video collaboration will enhance healthcare delivery

Microsoft’s CityNext initiative was created to change cities in four major ways: they would become modern, safer, more educated, and healthier. City leaders would be equipped with comprehensive voice and video solutions that can change the way day-to-day operations take place, and improve the quality of life …