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Penis Hardness: How to Achieve Max Hardness in Record Time

Achieving a good erection is a very important thing in a man’s life especially from the age of puberty to old age of about 65 years. When one does not achieve enough penis hardness, it means the person has erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is just like any other health problem which can be treated or prevented. The Penis contains two chambers known as the corpora cavernosa inside it, these two chambers connect the head of the penis and the pelvis. The two chambers have spongy tissues that have the ability to retain blood volume and therefore leading the penis to enlarge in size and cause an erection. When one gets aroused, penis erection happens because the brain sends a signal in order to trigger hormonal response making corpora cavernosa to allow the blood to enter at a higher rate than the rate at which it leaves.
This article reiterate’s Fernando’s thoughts and is going to give you the best tips for one to achieve the best penis hardness. They include:

0. Utilizing a Penis Extender Daily

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1. Watch out what you eat.

A good diet is very important to everyone because a good diet prevents most of the lifestyle diseases. It is believed that a diet that is not good for man’s heart, it is also not good for his ability to achieve penis hardness. This is because tennis erection is facilitated by the ability of the heart to pump blood in all parts of the body. When the heart is not able to pump blood well in man’s body, there are high chances of having erectile dysfunction since there will be inadequate blood to enter at the corpora cavernosa chamber that is responsible for erection. Therefore ensure you take meals with many fruits and vegetables, whole grains and heart-healthy fats because they help in improving penis erection.

2 Maintain a healthy weight.

Maintaining a healthy weight is a very important aspect. This is because when one is unable to maintain a healthy weight, many health problems can arise such as type 2 diabetes. The type 2 diabetics cause nerve damages the body and lead to erectile dysfunction. Therefore maintain a healthy body weight can help you maintain a good penis erection.

3. Avoid high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

High cholesterol level and high blood pressure are very dangerous since they lead to damage of blood vessels. high cholesterol level leads to blockage of the vessels and therefore limiting the amount of blood flowing through them. This causes erectile dysfunction because the amount of blood that enters in the corpora cavernosa chamber will not be enough to cause enough penis hardness. Therefore ensure the level of cholesterol are treated regularly and frequent taking blood pressure drugs to maintain penis hardness.

4. Regulate alcohol drinking habit or quit it completely.

Heavy drinking of alcohol causes damage to the liver, nerves and other conditions this lead to interference with male sex hormones levels which cause erectile dysfunction. Therefore it is advisable to regulate the drinking habit or even stop it at all for a better penis erection. It is recommended to take one glass of wine per day if you can’t avoid it at all.

5. Exercise regularly

Studies show that frequent exercises help in maintaining a healthy penis erection. Therefore by doing some aerobics exercises improves the erection hardness. Therefore ensuring you carry out exercise practice such as swimming, running and others will help in improving and maintaining good penis hardness.

6. Avoid smoking and anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids are the common drugs abused by athletes so as to shrink the testicles. This drug interferes with the ability of testicles to produce testosterone and therefore causing a poor erection. Also, the effect of smoking on erection is that the nicotine in the cigarette makes the blood vessels to contract and therefore hampering blood flow to the man’s penis. hence to achieve a good penis hardness, one should ensure he avoids smoking and using the anabolic steroids.
Lastly, ensure you avoid stress because psychological stress raises the level of hormone adrenaline which causes shrinkage of the blood vessels and thus affecting the erection. Therefore by considering the above tips on how to have a good penis hardness, definitely the tips will assist you in regaining a better penis hardness.
Thank you.