The Top 5 Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be quite disheartening and depressing to the victims.

Unfortunately, this condition affects millions of men all over the world.

It refers to the inability of a man to achieve and maintain an erection firm enough to allow for sexual intercourse.

This does not, however, mean that you should get yourself so worried if you fail to achieve an erection from time to time.

But in case it stresses you, lowers your self-esteem or leads to any other emotional difficulties, you are advised to talk to a professional and get proper medication.

There is a wide range of factors that cause erectile dysfunction, and they include physical causes, organic causes and psychological causes among others.

Physical and organic causes include spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, hormonal disorders, clogged blood vessels, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and due to the use of tobacco.

Psychological causes, on the other hand, include fear of intimacy, guilty (mostly because the guilt of having cheated on a partner or feeling like sex is wrong), depression, low self-esteem or severe anxiety.

The good news is, regardless of the underlying cause for the condition, there are many treatment options to help reverse the situation.

In this guide, we are going to discuss the top 5 solutions for erectile dysfunction, to help you pick one that will work for you.

1. Erectile dysfunction medication

ED medication involves the use of pills, injections or Suppositories (pellets inserted into the penis).

There are several pills available that are aimed at increasing the blood flow to the penis to help it achieve an erection, and they include sildenafil (commonly known as Viagra), avanafil, vardenafil, alprostadil, and testosterone.

Research shows that only about 80% of men report positive outcomes from the use of ED pills.

You may, therefore, be required to try several of these pills for you to identify one that works best for you.

Injections offer a better solution in case pills are not effective.

These injections are used to introduce a drug known as alprostadil to the side of your penis.

They are much more useful than pills and work by enhancing blood flow to the penis thus helping one achieve an erection in a short duration.

When compared to injections, suppositories are usually less effective but still a viable solution for treating ED.

Despite their effectiveness, injections have their own drawbacks as well.

They can cause prolonged erections which may pose a danger to your health and also lead to scarring.

2. Hormonal therapy

Most men assume that inability to get an erection is a thing for the old men.

This myth is however false since a decrease in testosterone levels can also cause ED.

Although age is a factor when it comes to reduction in testosterone levels, some other practices such as undergoing androgen deprivation as a treatment option for prostate cancer has shown to reduce libido thus causing erectile dysfunction.

Luckily, if your ED condition is as a result of hormone imbalance, you can always opt for bioidentical hormone therapy to boost your testosterone levels.

This hormone replacement therapy does not only enhance your sexual desire but also boost your moods, stamina and overall sexual performance while still preventing you from heart diseases.

You can additionally boost your testosterone levels by frequently taking part in weight loss programs.

This is due to the recent studies which showed a correlation between obesity and erectile dysfunction.

3. Pelvic floor muscle exercise

Studies show that exercising your pelvic floor muscles regularly can significantly help to reverse the ED condition.

The most efficient exercise to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles is the Kegel exercise.

The biggest challenge with this exercise, for most men, is identifying where their pelvic floor muscles are located.

If you are having trouble locating yours, there is a simple method to help you.

You simply have to hold your pee midstream and identify the muscle that you used to do that.

That’s your pelvic floor muscle and just to be sure, your testicles usually rise whenever you contract the muscles.

Additionally, Kegel exercises are effective in strengthening bulbocavernosus muscles which are responsible for ensuring the urethra remains empty after urination.

They also assist the penis to fill with blood to acquire an erection and also pumps during ejaculation.

This approach has a 40% success rate in treating erectile dysfunction in men.

However, specialists suggest that lifestyle changes such as avoiding tight pants, weight loss exercises and avoiding smoking can contribute to its effectiveness.

 Penis Exercises

Penis exercises have also been shown to help with erectile dysfunction as well as other penis health issues.

In fact, they have even been reported to work for penis size as well.

Therefore, they may be worth doing since the benefits are there, the health risk is low, and the cost is free.

Penis exercises have definitely been gaining popularity among men recently so a few more doctor’s may also vouch for their effectiveness.

4. Use of L-arginine supplements

This is one of the most effective natural approaches in the treatment of impotence.

L-arginine refers to an amino acid in our bodies that aids in the production of nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide, on the other hand, is an odorless gas which aids in the relaxation of the blood vessels and also boosts the flow of blood to the body’s vital organs which include the penis.

Lack of enough nitric oxide in the body will result in soft erections or none at all.

These supplements, therefore, seek to boost the nitric oxide in the body to guarantee healthy and optimal sexual functioning.

A research study which involved subjecting men with ED to taking 5 grams of this supplement daily, showed its significance in treating ED.

What’s more, specialists have proved that combining L-arginine with pycnogenol improves the odds of successfully reversing ED up to 80%.

5. Penile prosthesis

A penile prosthesis is an excellent option for men who have shown no sign of improvement from the use of ED treatments and other natural remedies discussed above.

They are also ideal for men, whose ED is as a result of spinal cord injury.

The prosthesis comprises of surgically implanted plastic rods to help one achieve an erection.

Due to the nature of this approach, the penis remains in a semi-rigid state which can easily be adjusted to get a full erection to allow for sexual intercourse.

Most men prefer hydraulic inflatable prosthesis since they are more comfortable to wear and allows them to have controlled erections.

In addition to treating ED, penile prosthesis are also useful in reconstructing the penis to correct any penile curves.


Remember, occasional erectile dysfunction is not uncommon among men.

More than 40% of men with over 40 years struggle with the condition.

Also, most men have experienced this problem at least once in their lives.

You should therefore not feel embarrassed about the condition but instead, consult with a doctor who will offer you a viable solution to your situation and help you rejuvenate your sex life.