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Video connects U.S. Customs and Border Protection

27th March, 2014 - Posted by Kourtney Wooten - No Comments

Last week, the Polycom team was in Phoenix, Arizona for the annual Border Security Expo. Each year, this conference brings together the law enforcement, customs and immigration professionals responsible with protecting the nation’s safety and security with leading IT technology leaders. During the conference, I was able to have … Read More

Government generation gap drives need for accessible Unified Communications solutions

11th March, 2014 - Posted by Kourtney Wooten - 1 Comment

Last week, the Polycom team had the ability to attend Microsoft’s Federal CIO Forum. The event brought together industry leaders from the top technology companies with federal CIOs and IT decision makers. Although the snow kept some attendees away, many CIOs at civilian agencies and military organizations managed to attend.… Read More

Government seeking cost saving collaboration solutions

25th February, 2014 - Posted by Kourtney Wooten - No Comments

The Polycom Federal team continues to hear a few overarching themes in the conversations we’re having with IT decision makers at conferences, events and meetings. In our conversations, we constantly hear about the single largest pain point impacting federal agencies and branches of the military today – budget. Even with … Read More

Video advances open the door to VTC on the high seas

20th February, 2014 - Posted by Kourtney Wooten - No Comments

The Polycom team recently returned from two defense focused conferences, the AFCEA Cyber Symposium in Colorado, and the 2014 AFCEA Western Conference and Exposition (AFCEA West) in San Diego, California. While the Cyber Symposium was heavily attended by representatives of the U.S. Air Force and focused on security, this year’s … Read More

Video visitation saves time and money in Mississippi

28th January, 2014 - Posted by Kourtney Wooten - No Comments

It’s widely accepted in the correctional community that visitation is an important part of an inmate’s rehabilitation. It’s essential for inmates to have solid support structures in place upon leaving a correctional facility to help fight recidivism. Keeping inmates in touch with their family, spiritual leaders and other role models … Read More

How VTC in Congress could contribute to increased constituent communication

23rd January, 2014 - Posted by Kourtney Wooten - No Comments

Last year, the Congressional Management Foundation (CMF) – a nonprofit organization that focuses on improving congressional operations and enhancing citizen engagement – released a report detailing the results of a study they conducted on life in Congress. Essentially, the study – and the resulting series of reports it produced – … Read More

Could VTC and telework help save millions on new DHS headquarters?

21st January, 2014 - Posted by Kourtney Wooten - No Comments

When DHS was officially formed in 2003 as part of the continued response to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, it consolidated 22 disparate federal agencies under one umbrella. These agencies operated in over 50 locations throughout the National Capital Region. One of the agencies that comprises the DHS … Read More

Video teleconferencing becomes mission critical for the federal government in 2013

23rd December, 2013 - Posted by Kourtney Wooten - No Comments

The past year was a difficult one for the federal government. The ongoing economic downturn continued to fuel a deficit that left the federal government and its agencies scrambling to cut costs. The government shutdown locked federal employees out of their offices and shuttered federal agencies. Sequestration slashed federal budgets … Read More

With winter approaching, OPM tells agencies to telework

17th December, 2013 - Posted by Kourtney Wooten - 1 Comment

Depending on your appreciation for cold weather and winter wonderlands, the past few weeks in and around the nation’s capital have either been a pleasant surprise or an utter disaster. That’s because the calendar just recently flipped to December, and the Washington, D.C. metro area has already experienced three winter … Read More

Time to pledge allegiance to telework

5th December, 2013 - Posted by Kourtney Wooten - 1 Comment

From March 3-7, 2014, federal employees will be asked to stay at home by their agencies and not come into their offices. No…it’s not another government shutdown. It is, in fact, Telework Week, the Mobile Work Exchange’s annual global initiative that encourages federal agencies and state and local … Read More

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