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Mobility Progress Report: positive advancement but much work left to be done

10th July, 2014 - Posted by Kourtney Wooten - No Comments

Earlier this month, the Mobile Work Exchange surveyed a combined 154 federal IT, HR and telework executives to discover what progress – if any – they’ve made towards embracing the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010 and Digital Government Strategy. These two mandates require that agencies work towards implementing telework and … Read More

Three simple steps to billions in savings via VTC

8th July, 2014 - Posted by Kourtney Wooten - No Comments

The theme across the federal government since the Great Recession has been “doing more with less.” Budgets across all agencies have been tight, leading to sequestration, furloughs,  reduced travel budgets and hiring freezes. These budget cuts have impacted productivity, hampered collaboration and made it difficult for federal agencies to come … Read More

Offsetting collaboration and cost concerns with video as a service

17th June, 2014 - Posted by Kourtney Wooten - No Comments

Utilizing VTC, government agencies can still attend meetings, conferences, symposiums and events – just without the travel. By attending these events via video, they get all the benefits without the cost and lost productivity of traveling offsite. The benefits of video teleconferencing (VTC) in the federal government are well documented.… Read More

Silver tsunami targets state and local governments

10th June, 2014 - Posted by Kourtney Wooten - No Comments

The graying of the federal workforce has been a consistent topic of conversation in and around the Beltway for the past few years. However, this phenomenon – which involves a large population of federal government employees rapidly approaching retirement age – is not just a problem for the government at … Read More

Cutting Costs and Broadening Your Reach: The Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

8th May, 2014 - Posted by Kourtney Wooten - No Comments

Using telemedicine, a single tele-ENT clinic was able to see 92 patients over several months, saving the referring clinics an estimated $25,450 in travel expenses. The Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) is a U.S. Army-operated military hospital located in Landstuhl, Germany. It is the single largest military hospital outside of … Read More

Vendor lock-in more dangerous in time of transformative change

29th April, 2014 - Posted by Kourtney Wooten - No Comments

Public sector IT is in a state of transformation today. You simply need to look around to see how fundamentally things have changed in just the past few years. Employees have gone mobile. Infrastructure has gone from on-premises to the cloud. Financing has gone from CAPEX to OPEX. Meetings have … Read More

Telework Week delivers cost savings and productivity increases for federal agencies

22nd April, 2014 - Posted by Kourtney Wooten - No Comments

Each March, the Mobile Work Exchange encourages employees across all federal agencies and private enterprises to dedicate themselves to telework. The week is called Telework Week, and it effectively serves as an opportunity for employers to pilot telework in hopes that the benefits will lead them to further adoption of … Read More

Video connects U.S. Customs and Border Protection

27th March, 2014 - Posted by Kourtney Wooten - No Comments

Last week, the Polycom team was in Phoenix, Arizona for the annual Border Security Expo. Each year, this conference brings together the law enforcement, customs and immigration professionals responsible with protecting the nation’s safety and security with leading IT technology leaders. During the conference, I was able to have … Read More

Government generation gap drives need for accessible Unified Communications solutions

11th March, 2014 - Posted by Kourtney Wooten - 1 Comment

Last week, the Polycom team had the ability to attend Microsoft’s Federal CIO Forum. The event brought together industry leaders from the top technology companies with federal CIOs and IT decision makers. Although the snow kept some attendees away, many CIOs at civilian agencies and military organizations managed to attend.… Read More

Government seeking cost saving collaboration solutions

25th February, 2014 - Posted by Kourtney Wooten - No Comments

The Polycom Federal team continues to hear a few overarching themes in the conversations we’re having with IT decision makers at conferences, events and meetings. In our conversations, we constantly hear about the single largest pain point impacting federal agencies and branches of the military today – budget. Even with … Read More

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