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Concierge healthcare services via video – a concept on the rise

10th April, 2014 - Posted by Meredith Lawrence - No Comments

Concierge healthcare services are not a new concept. They may just seem that way for a large population of Americans. That’s because concierge healthcare services used to be a luxury that only a certain percentage of Americans could possibly afford. However, changes in the healthcare system and economic drivers may … Read More

Jason Mercier of Washington Policy Center makes the case for remote testimony

13th March, 2014 - Posted by Meredith Lawrence - No Comments

When important legislation is being discussed and debated in state legislature, it is essential that experts, stakeholders and other individuals be represented and have a voice so that well-informed decisions can be made. State legislatures are located in state capitals so depending on the size of the state, an expert, … Read More

Successful Lincoln, Nebraska VTC Courtroom Pilot Program May Lead to Wider Adoption

27th February, 2014 - Posted by Meredith Lawrence - No Comments

As state and federal budgets continue to shrink, agencies are being asked to perform more efficiently with fewer resources.  This requirement to “do more with less” is being felt across all levels of government, and across all government agencies and organizations – including judicial and corrections systems. We recently spoke … Read More

Video sews seeds of savings and efficiency for state and local governments in 2013

26th December, 2013 - Posted by Meredith Lawrence - No Comments

State, local and municipal governments have a tough job to do. In addition to providing a large bulk of the benefits needed by citizens, local governments also need to be prepared to respond to disasters and emergencies, provide public safety and protect their citizens. This difficult job was made even … Read More

Happy Thanksgiving from the Public Sector View

28th November, 2013 - Posted by Meredith Lawrence - No Comments

In the spirit of the season, we’d like to share our appreciation and extend thanks to some very deserving parties. Thank you to all of our readers and the community members who come to the Public Sector View to read about the latest news, trends and information about how government, … Read More

Video teleconferencing and the corrections community

12th November, 2013 - Posted by Meredith Lawrence - No Comments

Video Teleconferencing (VTC) has significant potential for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of America’s corrections system. According to Martin F. Horn, Managing Director of the Criminal Justice Services Group for KeyPoint Government Solutions and former Commissioner of the New York City Department of Corrections, the technology has the ability … Read More

China’s Liaoning Province turns to video for communication during flood emergencies

8th October, 2013 - Posted by Meredith Lawrence - No Comments

One of China’s northeastern providences, Liaoning, recently fell victim to a flood that impacted more than 316,000 people and caused approximately $1.1 Billion in economic loss. These floods in the northeastern part of the country often result from swelling rivers and increased rainfall across the region. Their increased severity and … Read More

VTC Helps Taiwan Municipality Protect Residents from Typhoons

29th August, 2013 - Posted by Meredith Lawrence - 1 Comment

June to October is the typhoon season in Taiwan when two to three of these fearsome storms can strike per year. In municipalities like Kaohsiung – which is home to nearly 3 million people and covers more than 1,100 square miles – these ferocious storms can leave significant damage in … Read More

The role of VTC in disaster preparedness and response – an exclusive interview with Dan Stevens

6th August, 2013 - Posted by Meredith Lawrence - 3 Comments

Planning for, and responding to emergency situations, such as natural disasters, extreme weather and acts of terrorism is a top priority across all levels of government. When one of these tragedies occur, government organizations and agencies from municipalities, counties, states and the federal government all need to band together. This … Read More

ECC turns to video to replace on-site reviews

2nd July, 2013 - Posted by Meredith Lawrence - 1 Comment

The Expeditionary Contracting Command (ECC) is a subordinate of the U.S. Army Contracting Command (ACC), which is based out of Redstone Arsenal and provides contracting support to the U.S. Army’s major acquisition programs. Essentially, if American soldiers, officers or other Army personnel need anything, the ACC provides it for … Read More

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