Tripled tablet adoption means more mobility for federal government

13th March, 2012 - Posted by Meredith Lawrence - No Comments

In previous posts on FedUC, we’ve discussed how telework initiatives can benefit the federal government.

Unfortunately, despite telework initiatives enabling agencies to cut costs, increase operational efficiency and become more mobile, some agencies have come up short on embracing telework across their organizations.

This is a sentiment that was recently shared by former Washington, D.C mayor and current executive director of the Corporate Executive Board’s government practice, Anthony Williams, in an editorial that he authored for Federal Computer Week.

According to the editorial by Mayor Williams, telework adoption could drive efficiencies across the government if only managers could get over their concerns about employees working outside of the office and embrace it.

However, another recent article in NextGov highlighting the results of a survey conducted by MeriTalk should give Mayor Williams and other government decision makers hope for continued telework adoption.

According to the article, the MeriTalk survey found that tablet computer use in the federal government is expected to triple by 2014. In addition, over 50 percent of respondents to the survey said that their agencies allowed them to BYOD, or bring their own device.

What does the perpetually increasing number of tablet computers in the federal government have to do with telework? It’s not the tablets themselves, but the capabilities that they bring to federal employees.

Unified Communications (UC) technologies, such as video teleconferencing (VTC) can help to assuage the fears that many managers in government agencies have about telework. VTC solutions enable managers to physically see and easily have face-to-face communications with their employees regardless of where they’re working.

In addition, VTC solutions can drive increased communication and collaboration between coworkers whether they’re at home or in the office. This helps to overcome fears that teleworking employees lose the ability to collaborate with their peers.

Applications now exist that can effectively turn tablet computers, smartphones and other mobile devices into HD video teleconferencing units. With the adoption of tablet computers escalating in the government workplace, agencies now have an easy and inexpensive way to roll video communication out across the organization.

Between the tablets being purchased and distributed to government employees and those that employees are bringing themselves, the federal workforce is more mobile than ever before. By utilizing the mobile video communication applications that are now available for today’s most popular mobile devices, agencies can stay better connected, even when employees are teleworking.

We agree with Mayor Williams that telework is truly the answer for a more efficient and cost-effective federal government. Luckily, advanced UC technologies are providing the solutions to the tricky management challenges holding up telework adoption in agencies today.

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